S T U D I O  L U M I N E S C E N T


“Don't you wonder sometimes

'Bout sound and vision?1



We are a collective of artists open to various collaborations with creatives and thinkers from all over the world, who share the same impulse to carry on a visionary dialogue. We aim to combine our own individual research experiences and mediums, in a formula of music and visual arts that amplifies the concept of an opera.


Our research is an introspection on Sound and Vision. It is an open experiment on the creative processes of the inspired and alienated artist who waits, as David Bowie sings, “for the gift of sound and vision.”


We wonder if artistic research is similar to the same alienation of the mystics and prophets in ancient times, who have had a gnostic experience. Perhaps art, since the dawn of time - like the spontaneous processes of the unconscious - responds to the same function of creating images, and therefore symbols2, for the integration of some thing in our consciousness (Self? Brahaman, Atman? ) which our intellect cannot master conceptually.


Studio Luminescent is curious about the aesthetics of dreams and the light that illuminates them. The illumination of memory images is what inspires us; an occurrence that we explore through colour, sound, word, form and matter. Painting, Textile Design, Installation, Video- art, Net.Art, and Music together respond to themes and dress the conceptual bodies of our work, combining in a configuration of insights.



Our website is designed as a concept-space; an essential element to our project, with the function of filtering each piece of work into a sort of musical concept-album; a virtual artwork accessible to everyone, anywhere and at anytime.





1 David Bowie, Sound and Vision.

2 Carl G. Jung, Psicology ofl Kundalini Yoga.






We are currently:



aka CADMIO (Palermo, 1984)

Visual Artist.

Lives and works in Palermo.




FAUSTO CASSARA’ (Palermo 1990)

Composer Musician.

Lives and works between London and Palermo.




MIA DE LAS CASAS (Dublin 1991)

Textile Designer, Printer, Creative.

Lives and works between London and Ireland.




LUCA CAMPANELLA (Palermo, 1982)

Motion Designer/3D.

Lives and works in Palermo.





Studio Luminescent was born in 2020. The idea was conceived at a distance during lockdown by brothers Marco Cassarà (Palermo) and Fausto Cassarà (London). The studio’s first complex project entitled Leviathan-19 was realised after being awarded funding by the new international Institute Studio Rizoma. In October 2020 the project debuted as part of the group exhibition Pandemos*, curated by Izabela Anna Moren.