“The symbol is a living form,

the total sum highly complex

of facts that our intellect

cannot master conceptually,

 and that therefore

can be expressed

only with an image “.








L E V I A T H A N - 1 9 is a multimedia project dedicated to the crisis experience of 2020. It is composed of a series of artworks, including illustrations, installations, and videos, which are filtered into a soundtrack that organises them into a sequence of events, a ‘Net.Art opera.’



The dramaturgy of the project offers an idealised interpretation of the pandemic - made up of poetic suggestions that take strength from the shared emotional trauma of the world this year. It aims to exorcise part of the current iconography that has marked our imagination, emphasising it with targeted accents of symbolism. The anti-contagion masks appear as artistic speaking Oracles, and Patient Zero is called Heathen, and he is a seeker of truth.


The protagonist that replaces the C-virus , is a conceptual representation of Leviathan, an abstract entity that seems to have a strong psychic impact on consciences. In the ancient symbolism of Kundalini-Yoga, the Leviathan presides over the depths of the unconscious as a cathartic  figure to confront psychologically - before being able to ascend to higher levels of awareness.


Inspired by a dream set in the depths of an empty abyss, where an intense transfer of emotions took place with a complex and luminous  figure, the project Leviathan-19 is conceived as a psychoanalytic process that develops in the tension between opposite poles; through iridescent symbols, “living forms” that move from the depths to surface, from masculine to feminine, from night to day, also tracing - with a collage of voices in different languages - a geographical path extended from East to West, where subtly it can be understood that the world is involved in a sort of psychic epidemic, which calls into question the virtuality of human existence and of things.


A characteristics of the project involve a play of compositions arranged in the GOLDEN SECTION,

“a mysterious mathematical ratio”, from which the structure of Leviathan’s drawing follows in all the works and virtual interfaces, creating a poetic effect that alludes to SYNCHRONICITY. This leads on to the last work - a video of a bright uncontaminated landscape and a chance encounter with the archetype of the soul, which gently suggests the direction to take.


The audio-videos of Leviathan-19 project are accessible on Studio Luminescent’s website;  fltered like a virtual opera that is aimed to amplify the experience at exhibitions, inviting the viewers to isolate themselves with headphones and a screen, in a multi-sensory introspection of the works.